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Re: A forum RPG.

At last! Responses!

OK. One thing at a time.

(@Dudebro: BLAST YOU! YOU BROKE MY THREAD! ...not really.) I realize it's math, but it's simple math. Not like a + 17 = 41 / (x - 8 ) = y kind of equation. It's just Person A's attack power - 1/2 of person B's Defense power. I included the whole post number thing so people won't complain about all attacks connecting no matter what. Would it be better to ignore that and just make all abilities hit 100% of the time? As to the people spamming, I wonder if I can ask a mod to punish someone who's obviously spamming. The AP/Stamina recovery thing was something I added in there so...I guess I should make it so you have to make a "resting" post and at the end of the resting post, you're fully healed can't post again for one real life hour while you're resting.
(@ Dudebro: I'll keep that class of yours in mind while making new classes.) And lastly: @Timber Wolf: The people of Earth still have technology...but the human population is kinda in survival mode. The Aorgun have been chipping away at the remains of humanity and have blown up alot of old human settlements. These are the ruins in question. Some are hundreds of years old, some are relatively new. All have technology/items and Aorgun to deal with. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to fix my start post (using Dudebro's suggestion) and come up with a few new classes, possibly Aorgun classes, too.
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