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Re: Man of steel

I don't have high expectations for this film, although I really want that it be good. It just seems like the previous films, which already used Zod as the villain and showed the origin story. Many disliked Superman Returns because it was a missed opportunity for new film which could have a new villain and more intense action scenes. It could have righted the wrongs of episodes 3 & 4, but instead was a poor rehash of episode 1. Now they'll redo episodes 1 & 2, and while MOS looks statistically distinct from the previous films, it's still not as different as I wanted.

Furthermore, I'm not a big fan of Nolan, both as a director and as a creator. His idea of realism is intelligent and logical in many ways yet philosophically absurd in others. I never understand exactly what the message in the Dark Knight films is. Snyder, in the other hand, simply suffers iron "style over substance." He may direct good action scenes but that's not enough so that a film be good.

On a more positive note, I do believe that it will be more intense and less hokey that the other Superman films. I've never enjoyed those films much because they often slow and contrived, and none of the characters interested me, except Luthor and Zod, and their dialogue was laughably bad at times. I liked several moments such as the action scenes and Superman's heroism, but much of it was less than optimal, so MOS at least seems like an improvement in those areas.

As I said though, these are my expectations, which are based in what I've seen, so I'll war until I watch it when I make my final judgement.
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