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Re: Super Mario Brothers

When there's a koopa on stairs, jump on it, then have Mario hop on the top of the shell to make the shell stop then move Mario to kick the shell again. Repeat the steps. If you're fast enough, you should get unlimited 1-UPs.

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In World 1-2, instead of taking the warp pipe to get back to the surface, hop on top of the warp pipe and smash the 2 bricks before the last one over the pipe. Then, (trickey part) have Mario face left, but jump to the right. Mario will go through some blocks into the warp zone. Go to the warp pipe on the left (the one that takes you to World 4 I believe) and go down. You'll be whisked away to World -1. ( The Negative World) Since this is a glitch, it doesn't end, but it's still a cool thing to show off.
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