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Re: Strange phenomenon in the sky

I'm not really sure what to make of it, but I have no doubt it could be UFO related, just recently I was sitting in my window looking outside (it was like 11PM - Midnight) and I saw what appeared to be a star, but it kept flashing different colors, and as I kept watching it, it started to move like really slowly from side to side, and I went out to the living room n got my friend to come see (cause I thought it may've just been my eyes playing tricks on me) and he saw it moving n flashing colors aswell, and what's more, we were pointing out exactly hen it was moving and where at the same exact time, so there's no way it was just our eyes playing tricks on us, I fully beleive UFO's exist (Aliens piloting the UFO's though, I'm not too sure of... I believe aliens exist, but I'm not convinced that their the ones operating the UFO's though... I'm leaning more towards the Government being in control of them). I also fully believe that Dragons exist too, cause back in summerschool (between 5th & 6th grade) me n one of my other friends saw what appeared to be a Dragon flying past the school! It was very odd though, it flew right past the sun and diddn't cast a shadow, and even though it was way up above the clouds, you could still pretty much make out every little detail on it 0_0

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What if it's a wormhole?? 0_0 (The phenomenon in the sky)
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