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RU Joe

Re: British Petroleum {BP} oil spill

So you're just assuming because you think this secret elite group exists and does these things regularly?
DB, even the mainstream 'news' now acknowledges the existence and purpose of the Bilderberg group.
80% of people know that our own governments stage false flag terror events to further their {the elites'} and this is reported in mainstream too, but apparently now you're a terrorist if you doubt the official '9/11 Commission Report', which has been debunked several times by Professor David Ray Griffin, as well as by many others.
There are no conspiracy theories anymore, and even that label itself has been debunked. {see the beginning of 'In Plane Site'}

The Banksters are imploding the World economies by design.
Have you ever seen the documentary 'Zeitgeist' where they explain how the 'National Debt' can never be paid off, because for every dollar that's produced, the American People owe the Banksters TWO dollars?
How can you ever pay it back?
YOU CAN'T, and that's exactly what they had in mind when they set up the Federal Reserve system and National Bank.
It's the same thing up here, I'm sure, and given that our politicians sold out to those same Banksters decades ago ...
They say it's going to make the 1930's look like a joke.
Oh, and the debt?
They're setting up camps all over North America right now, so we can work our debts off in jail.
{which the same Banksters own and operate and make profits from as well}

These people already own everything important in the World, and now it's about acquiring POWER.
They are setting up a police state that can never be challenged, and they will reign supreme, since we will not be able to ever defeat them.
My thought is that they're getting bored and need a change.
Keep an eye out for World War 3, coming soon from the way Israel is acting lately.
You can bet the weapons manufacturers are probably making a killing already - hey, that's funny - weapons, killing ha ha ha.
War is a racket.

If they want to raise prices this is a horrible way to go about it.
Most people need something they can see before they'll buy the BS.
In this case, the immense magnitude of the spill has everyone thinking that all the World's oil may very well pour out that damn hole into the oceans, and that makes it easier for them to 'sell' you on the idea of paying much more for everything.
Whenever someone asks why, all they need to do is point to this damn thing.
So far as people crying out for new technology, I've been trying to tell you for almost a year now that we are being held in place technologically, as well as being hobbled in an evolutionary sense so the people in power can maintain their control over all of us.

The elites ARE psychotic, because normal Humans with a decent standard of morals and also functional emotions do not:

Put the second most deadly poison into water supplies World wide
{Sodium Fluoride}

Put mercury - based compounds in vaccines to dumb - down and cripple people by inducing partial chemical labotomies

Use 'exito - toxin' compounds like Monosodium Glutamate in common foods that cause brain damage as well as increasing the likelihood of heart attack and stroke

Use depleted uranium on the battlefield, test thousands of nuclear devices, develop deadly bacteria and viruses {in the name of 'research' - just ask Dr. Eric Pianca}, race - specific bio - weapons ... {and that's just the stuff that leaked out}

Develop and distribute genetically modified plants which they admit contain random strains of DNA which continue to mutate, and they have NO IDEA what it will do to the Human body, but there was a GM tomato that causes stomach cancer

You know I could provide lots more examples, but the point is that you have to look at who is producing and controlling everything, and it always comes back to the same few companies owned by the same people who have creepy ties to the likes of Pianca, Turner, Gates, Noori, and the like.
{Eugenicists among the elites who according to a paper written by Henry Kissinger in 1973 stated that the elites' ultimate goal was the extermination of 80% of Humanity. The news of this leaked out as Pianca spoke of it in a lecture and people were appalled, so his students backed him up by saying Pianca was being conservative, and that ALL HUMANS SHOULD BE KILLED.
This is the general sentiment of the people running everything, and it's all admitted on record}

How would they keep such a good cover and control the world if they were raving lunatics?
People are asleep; hence the parable of The Matrix.
It's not just an action film, but a statement about our current state of affairs:

People plugged into the Matrix are average folks who believe anything the smiling liars on TV and their preachers tell them, and oppose views that suggest there is something more than what they can 'see' to this world in terms of the higher power structure - the elites.
To equate this to my pet mice, people plugged in, blue pills, know only the cage and their Universe ends at its boundaries.
They accept this as a fact their whole lives and rarely attempt to look outside its confines.

Going back to the Matrix analogy, people like me are red pills, and know that there is far more than what meets the eye - we have seen beyond the confines for your mind that this World imposes on people from birth through socially engineered concepts which have been introduced by the controllers.
It has to do with Psychology, real life Jedi mind tricks which steer people's thoughts and emotions, molding them to whatever they want us to be.

We're the mice that jumped out of the cage, and are calling to the rest of you to jump out too.

Then there's CYPHER, that little bastard that plays both sides - he wants to stay in the Matrix and enjoy all it has to offer while selling out the red pills to the blue enforcers.
He's a kind of double agent, and could be equated to the TV 'news' personalities - they know exactly what the reds know, but choose to continue lying and telling people there is nothing more than what their blue pill can offer.

Stay on the wheel little mouse and keep running, spinning the big money and power wheel for our masters, and this really is the essence of what TV turned Humans into.
Think Edward L. Bernays and the documentary 'Happiness machines', the influence of Psychology really is like Jedi mind tricks and they can get us to do just about anything.
Remember disco?

It just doesn't wash with me.
I know, and again with The Matrix analogy:
'Unfortunately no one can be told what the Matrix is, you have to see it for yourself.

Take the blue pill, the story ends, and you wake up in your bed {go back to sleep} and believe anything you want.

Take the red pill, and I'll show you how deep the rabbit hole goes'
REMEMBER, all I'm offering is the Truth, nothing more.
- Morpheus

More people join the crew of the Nebuchadnezzar every day, and we're already well over 50%.
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